Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Beer Commercial - Ever

My wife said something to me in complete seriousness and it resulted in me thinking of a really good--probably the best--beer commercial aimed at the male population.

Scene setting: Open on a living room setting.  Sports game is on the large flat screen tv.  A woman is approaching the back of the couch with an enthusiastic male sitting on one side of the couch.  As the camera draws near the side of the male, he turns to look up into the camera.

Woman: Here's your chips and Beer [insert favorite beer], dear.

Guy: Thanks, babe.

Guy looks around for something to open the bottle, but does not have anything.  He looks back at the woman.

Woman: Do you want to use my bra to open it?

Guy beams up at woman as he reaches the bottle over to use the bra she is wearing.

Guy: I love you!

End scene.

This is what led to me having this completely male-oriented beer commercial:
I was sitting on the couch folding the first half of paper cranes for Jessica.  She went into the kitchen to get something to drink and asked if I wanted anything.  I said I was up for something, but not water or coke.  She came back in with a fancy root beer that comes in a bottle with a supposedly twist top.  Jessica asked if I need a bottle opener, but then noticed that the top had an arrow telling the drinker which way to twist.  I usually use something when I twist the tops off.  Jessica suggested her sports bra that was in the basket with folded laundry.  Her exact words were "Why don't you use my bra?" pointing to the sports bra.